June 2020

  • Ben Pianta

    Christine was fabulous yesterday, and we’re definitely looking forward to working with her.

May 2020

  • Harry Richens

    Thank you Jemma!

    Just wanted to say how grateful I am for you guiding me throughout my Cert course, and always willing to help. You were a fantastic (and incredibly patient!) trainer.

April 2020

  • Adrian Rodway

    This was a very informative course and i commend Aspire and DMIRS for providing this online option so fast. Thanks very much to you and your team for providing this online course for us to do so quickly to take stress off us in this time. Really appreciate it!

March 2020

  • First National RE

    What a great CPD program you presented to us. I had great expectations after Aspire’s delivery to us in 2019 @ The Pagoda. The afternoon session; Risk, Best Practice. Integrating the Jenga game was a brilliant way of keeping everyone engaged.

February 2020


    The program was really informative and well delivered by Denise who did a great job in the presentation and her ability to engage the participants.


    “Interactive, open discussion in a friendly atmosphere.”

January 2020

  • Christian Smith (WA State Manager)

    “Dear All,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the team effort in making Friday a really good day.
    The standard of professionalism and the content meet my expectations and the discipline and conduct by your team was very good.
    We did have some technical issues and this was overcome very professionally.
    I noticed that for the entire day not many people/C21 Teams were on their phones and this is always a good indication that the trainers had the rooms attention.
    Congratulations on doing a good job.”