Our Carbon Neutral Goal

At Aspire we are concerned about the issue of climate change and recognise that the way we operate our business has an impact on the environment.

The Aim

Our initial aim was simple – to look at ways we could reduce our affect on the environment. The aim has now evolved and we aim to become a carbon neutral business.

The Process

In 2010 our team raised the issue of how our operations effect the environment. We discussed the obvious but sometimes ignored issues – good housekeeping, what we order, how we manage our day to day activities and recycling. The team were encouraged to log some of the issues and what they considered good practice. These initiatives were implemented. The discussion evolved into a review of our business processes – it was recognised that much of our activity is paper based and travel by vehicle and air big contributors to our environmental impact – the ‘footprint’ we leave.

We identified opportunities to reduce our impact by changing business processes:

  • Offering trainees files in an electronic format rather than in traditional paper and binders
  • Introducing e learning in our range of services
  • Critically reviewing our regional travel events to minimise the number of journeys. Selecting carbon offsets when we do book flights.
  • Planning our metro visits and journeys more efficiently

We also recognised that as a business we would have a residual carbon footprint. At this point we engaged Carbon Neutral to assist us. Building on the work we have done to reduce our impact they have assisted us to quantify and offset our carbon footprint in accordance with the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

The Future

When you work with Aspire you are working with an organisation that is committed to innovatively managing its operations and growth to minimise the impact on the environment. We accept responsibility for the greenhouse gas omissions that our activities do produce and will offset these through our partnership with Carbon Neutral.